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Meet the Musicians Behind the Calendar Doors: Faye Eldret - Soprano

Getting crafty at Christmas...

Faye Eldret from Salisbury is a professional Soprano working as a soloist with choral societies as well as teaching in schools and leading choirs and large scale Choral projects. "I have three Children, my eldest George is a chorister at Salisbury Cathedral and then I have Harriet who is 3 and finally Bonny Bonkers Bertie who is 1 and seriously making us doubt whether a Christmas tree is a wise idea this year."

Faye had thought 2020 was going to bring new beginnings: "Having recently moved house and decided that we certainly weren’t going to have any more babies I thought 2020 would be my chance to recharge my career and find some new adventures, instead everything came to a grinding halt. It is hard to put into words how bereft I have felt from not being able to make music with others, it has definitely reminded me that music is so much more than a job, it is part of who I am."

"Lockdown was certainly tough but we count ourselves lucky as we have a good sized garden and lockdown certainly afforded me a chance to get to grips with it, and I have actually valued having more time with my babies because they grow up so fast. I would love to reveal some amazing lockdown project or life changing mantra I adopted but we simply ate good food, spent lots of time outside and just about managed not to kill each other."

Musician Mums Christmas Quiz

Tell us what you'll miss most about performing this Christmas?

Oh my gosh, ummm, there are so many things, mostly I will most all the amazing music that’s associated with so many happy memories from this time of year.

Grumpy angel: I was never given a solo at school!

Your favourite carol?

O Little Town of Bethlehem

And what are you hoping for this year for Christmas?


What's your favourite thing about Christmas ?

Music and Candlelight

Tell us a special Christmas memory ?

"One of my absolute favourite Christmas memories is from when my daughter was about 6 weeks old, I was running a whole school singing rehearsal and the

children were learning Away in a Manger, or it might have been The Rocking Carol (I can’t remember my baby was 6 weeks old!).

Anyway, I often use singing to a sleeping baby as an example to children to encourage them to sing softly and I decided to bring my little tiny sleeping baby to a rehearsal. I sat on the floor of the school hall with Harriet in my arms surrounded by more than 100 children singing to her. They sang so beautifully and captured that beautiful warm soft sound that epitomises angelic Christmas singing and Harriet did not wake, she stretched and yawned but slept soundly. It was so uplifting and I know many of those children still remember it. Just thinking of singing together with all those awestruck children brings a little lump to my throat."

Absolutely beautiful, thanks so much Faye!


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