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The Musicians behind the doors: Rosa Ullman is in the mood for Christmas!

London based Rosa is a freelance keyboard player and composer, who lives with her freelance videographer fiancé and her lovely four year old boy Marlon "who loves drawing, art, Lego, piano practice and talking about poo. " I think we all know a 4 year old like that!

Professional musicians have to be a flexible lot, and Rosa has many strings to her bow (or should that be keys to her piano?)

"In non-apocalyptic times I usually tour the world with various artists, do arrangements, sessions, edit and transcribe scores, and work as an agent at . I perform at events as a soloist and run my own all female party band Soul in the City Music "

During lockdown Rosa kept working by teaching her students via zoom, doing some composing work for corporate videos, as well as enjoying family time and making music and new friends in the local community. "I find it very important to stay positive and not be bogged down with focusing on doom and gloom, there are always positives to everything! We made the most of lockdown by having lots of lovely family time at home, which is something I always want to do more of in the normal times due to always having a busy gig schedule.

We are a creative and musical household so we did lots of jam sessions and fun arty things while staying at home. I was also able to focus more on writing original material with my writing partner Amanda, and also my own instrumental compositions. I finished my book on key signatures (an idea which I’ve been sitting on for 10 years) and also discovered some great local musicians who I played with on our street every Thursday evening throughout lockdown. "

"We are a Christmas loving household, and this year Christmas will be just as magical as always, even though it involves restrictions on seeing our parents, grandparents and extended family."

Musician Mums Christmas Quiz!

Can you tell us what you'll miss most about performing this Christmas?

The thing I will miss most about performing at Christmas is spending time with my musician friends, bringing Christmas cheer to events across the country/world with our music. I’ll also miss that great feeling of finishing work just before Christmas eve and looking back on a great year of gigs.

What's your favourite carol/Christmas song?

This Christmas by Donny Hathaway

And what are you hoping for this year for Christmas?

Our gigs back please! Some nice gin and a publishing deal for my new book wouldn’t go amiss either 😉

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Too many great memories to choose one..... Maybe the first ever Christmas we spent as a family when Marlon was 7 months old and we gave him a classic fisher price record player!

Can you tell us your favourite thing about Christmas ?

Some of my favourite things about Christmas are waking up on Christmas morning with my family, seeing Marlon so excited and then playing Christmas carols on the piano at my Grandparents house while everyone sings along. Also doing Christmas gigs with my all female party band Soul in the City makes the whole of December feel like one big party, because those ladies are some of my closest friends, not to mention ridiculously great musicians!

Finally, give us a hint towards what you're performing on the advent calendar?

Well I can never just settle for one Christmas song.....all the sugar plums and chestnuts at this time of year make me too heavy to walk in the air!

Rosa's exceptionally Christmassy video featured on 6th December. You can still purchase calendars throughout December to view the huge range of performances.

Find more about Rosa at and on instagram: @rosa_ullmann_keys


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