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Advent is our favourite time of year!

It's also usually the busiest time of year for us musicians, except during 2020-21... well... let's just say we weren't as busy as usual.  So we decided to created this Musical Advent calendar, to share some of our favourite Christmas music even though we couldn't perform any of it live.

We had so much fun putting it all together: we wrote new arrangements of classical Christmas songs, and even some brand new carols specially for the calendar, as well as extracts from Messiah and some unusual Christmas music too. We recorded in our living rooms, kitchens, hallways and garden studios on whatever tech we could lay our hands on!

In 2021, we had the chance to get together and record live - many of us finally getting to meet in person for the first time! For 2022 we have not prepared a new calendar, instead we are publishing our previous content as a tribute to our beautiful friend and colleague Emma. We have to produce a brand new calendar for you in 2023...

Creating these exclusive videos for you has brought us so much joy, and we really hope you enjoy them just as much.

Best wishes & Happy Christmas from all of us:



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