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Meet the Musicians behind the Advent Calendar: Helen Styles & Family

Helen Styles is a Suzuki violin and viola teacher, a choral conductor and the Musical Director of four choirs. Helen also runs the Singing Strings course, an annual weekend music course for Suzuki violin and viola students and their parents. Making music together is at the heart of what Helen does, and she regularly includes her beautiful family in performances.

We are so excited that Helen has written a wonderful new piece especially for the Musical Advent calendar, which she performs with her talented daughters, Katie and Beth.

Bringing joy with family music during lockdown

Obviously this year much of Helen’s work, and the Singing Strings course, were completely cancelled, but not to be deterred, during lockdown she took her music and children online and ran “Sing a Song a Day” - live singing sessions for families direct from their Facebook page. 

Mother and two daughters dressed up as Star wars characters
Sing a Song a Day on May 4th - Star Wars Day

During that time they recorded 129 live videos, with a new song each day, and have recently been online again sharing their gorgeous relaxed and fun style. We adored Day 49 - who doesn’t love to belt out America from West Side Story with some challenging clapping? And they did a fabulous halloween special complete with costumes and pumpkins (also taking notes for next year when we need themed songs…).  

If you’d like to see more of Helen’s videos - there’s a full library for you to share music with your kids on their Facebook page. 

Singing for Vets!

Helen's latest choir is called VetChoir UK and is an online only venture for those involved in the vet profession wanting to sing.

"I trained initially as a veterinary surgeon, qualified and worked as a vet for nine years or so, until changing to making music my only source of income (I'd always done bits of paid musicy things, even when I was vetting but not enough to live on). It is a way of giving everyone a bit of community - vets are often quite isolated in their working so I'm hoping having a group of like-minded vets to sing with and chat with afterwards will cheer everyone up! "

Visit VetChoir UK to find out more and share with any veterinary surgeons you know!

Hear Helen's original music

And if you’d like to hear her magical Christmas composition, you’ll just have to share a gift membership with your favourite person to sing with.


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