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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have been gifted a membership subscription to A Musical Advent, how do I log in?


A: For security reasons, we don't set up a password for your account - when we create your membership subscription, you should receive an email inviting you to create a password - you can click the link on the email to set up your own password securely. If you have received an email from us letting you know that you have received a gift membership to A Musical Advent, but cannot see the password set-up email, then all you need to do is:

     Click "Log In" on the gift tag at the top of the page

     Enter the email address which we used to contact you (your account will be set up using this address)

     Click "Forgot Password" - this will send you a link to set up your account password (don't forget to check your junk/promotions folder!)

     Once you have set up your password, you should be able to log in and enjoy the Advent Calendar!

Q:  Can I access A Musical Advent via my tablet or smartphone?

A: Yes!  You may find you need to double-tap the calendar windows on your tablet or iPad a couple of times in order to connect to the video pages - please do get in touch if you have any problems viewing our content.

Q:  When will I be able to view each of the videos?

A:  You will be able to "open the Advent Calendar windows" from 00:01 (GMT) on each new day in December until Christmas Day. 

Once each video is released, you will be able to view the videos as many times as you like during your 3-month membership subscription period (valid from the purchase date).

Q:  Why do you not email the videos out each day?


A:  The video files are very big and we don't want to overload everybody's inbox and use all their data allowances!  The videos are hosted on our site and viewable there by all our members.

Q:  Why do I need to log in to see the videos?

A: A Musical Advent is a members-only service.  The 1st December window is free to anyone to preview before they buy the calendar, and to enter our Prize Draw.  The 2nd - 25th December windows are exclusively available to members via their account log in.

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